Armpro specialises in basic servicing, parts and services, and professional security surveillance installations. Armpro has continually improved on its products and support services against a background of GSM, fixed network and electronic infrared environments. Where CCTV was once costly, it is currently affordable to homes and offices. Armpro is designed and researched in Germany with its assembly plant located in China and Vietnam.

We make an effort to benefit people’s lives by challenging vulnerability to threats of safety from theft, robbery, undesirable incidents and mishaps among others. Seen at exhibitions and events, Armpro continues to provide users with its assurance of quality and reliability as it innovates continually. Armpro has been a choiced product to more people and is set to become the regional brand, if not global brand in the not-too-distant future.

Our Vision

We envision to transform Armpro surveillance system into a top-of-recall security surveillance and product brand to keep our world safe and sound always.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve even smarter and better security surveillance solutions and improved B2C and B2B customer support services through multiple touchpoints.

We adopts globalism, reliability, excellence, aesthetics and tech-driven values to impart products and service awareness along with fostering long-term relationships with customers.

Global Partner


Armpro is a registered digital technology and the company is into implementing standard trusted and reliable products and a new level of service. This is supported by Registrations (Germany) ISO 9001:2008, QA Registrations (United Kingdom), CE Registrations (Australia) to Trademark Registrations (Singapore).

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